Supported by a scholarship from the International Media Assistance (IMH) I stayed for three months in Romania, from October to December 2005. During that time I worked for the German-speaking broadcast of the National Public Radio of Neumarkt (Radio Targu-Mures), a city situated in Siebenbuergen and by car about three hours away from Sibiu.

There, I had the possibility to present, to work as a newsreader and to do radio features for the first time at the age of 22, which was one of the best experiences of that time. With that job I was free to do what I wanted to do as our team consisted only of three people. Therefore the daily broadcast was a great playing field for me since one hour of program had to be produced. Thus I traveled a lot to cities like Sighisoara, Medias and Sibiu, but also to Bucharest. Again, I did many interviews in German and in English, but also learned some Romanian during that time, which enabled me understand the news on the whole.

During that time I tried to build up a youth editorial department in Targu-Mures because there is a German high school there. Although the school is attended mainly by Romanian pupils, most of them in the upper classes can speak German fluently. Thus the German media assistant there and I held a radio workshop in Wolkendorf and met once a week with the young journalists to produce features.

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