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Pauline Tillmann is since May 2015 CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the digital magazine “Deine Korrespondentin” ( With this start-up she wants to strengthen the visibility of interesting women worldwide.

2009 till 2015 she used to work for the German National Public Radio and various German newspapers. Besides she presents regularly events and gives trainings for journalists about “Crowdfunding” and “Working as Freelance Foreign Correspondent”. In 2015 she published her eBook “10 trends for journalists of today” based on her 3-months-research about the future of journalism in the U.S. You can download it (in German) for free following this link:

From 2002 until 2006 Pauline Tillmann studied political science, sociology and psychology (Master degree) in Augsburg. In 2004 / 05 she spent a semester abroad at the Journalism Faculty of the State University in St. Petersburg, Russia. She discovered her interest for journalism by the age of 16 when she passed her first internship at a German local newspaper called “Ipf- und Jagst-Zeitung” in her hometown Ellwangen (Baden-Wuerttemberg). There her chief editor Claus Liesegang encouraged her to improve her journalism skills and to go on in this field.

While studying Pauline Tillmann completed various internships at

  • newspapers (“Schwäbische Zeitung” in Ellwangen / Aalen, “Augsburger Allgemeine” in Augsburg, “St. Petersburgische Zeitung” in St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • at radio stations (“Radio Fantasy” in Augsburg, “Radio Neumarkt” in Targu-Mures, Romania, “South-Western Broadcasting Corporation” in Konstanz, “Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation” in Munich)
  • and also at a TV station in Munich called “Welt der Wunder” (science program).

At the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation, part of the National Public Radio, Pauline found the quality journalism she was always looking for. Because of this she applied for the traineeship there in 2007 and was lucky to get it. The traineeship took two years and educated her in radio and TV journalism.

In July 2010 Pauline Tillmann got her first big award at the “Petersburg Dialogue” in Yekaterinburg. There she got the “Peter-Boenisch-Gedachtnispreis” for her radio feature about “The Renaissance of the Orthodox Church in Russia”, which was broadcast in November 2009 at Bayern2 (Listening to the feature).

More Information about the “Peter-Boenisch-Gedaechtnispreis”:
With the Peter-Boenisch-Gedachtnispreis the Petersburg Dialogue is honoring young journalists who are reporting in a true-to-life presentation on the everyday life of Russians or Germans and who thereby help to understand each other better. Since 2006 this prize has been given to German and Russian journalists under the age of 35. The prize is worth 2.000 euro. The presentation of the award takes place within the Petersburg Dialogue. The jury consists of German and Russian journalists who work for well-known media such as “BILD” and “National Public Radio and Television”. The prize is honored in memory of Peter Boenisch (1927 – 2005), who was chairman of founding the “Petersburg Dialogue” with a lot of commitment for a better understanding between Russians and Germans, especially among the young generation.

At the same time Pauline Tillmann has been supporting newcomer journalists for a while. It is important for her “to motivate young journalists, not to moan about every little thing and to courageously go their own way through the confusing media jungle”. 2009 till 2011 she was active at the “Young Journalists” within the Bavarian Journalist Union (BJV). So she regularly organized events which she also presented.


  • Journalistenpreis Schneelöwe 2015
  • Hermann-Schulze-Delitzsch-Preis 2012
  • Peter-Boenisch-Gedaechtnispreis 2010


  • Scholarship of Michael Leisler Kiep Foundation: 3 months of researching in the U.S. about the “Future of Journalism”
  • Scholarship of the Robert Bosch Foundation, “Medienmittler zwischen den Voelkern”, 3-months-stay in Kiev at the Ukrainian TV “Inter” and the English-speaking newspaper “Kyiv Post”
  • CESA 2010 (CIRCOM European Summer Academy): four-weeks-stay at a VJ course in Nuremberg with 20 newcomer journalists from all over Europe, covering two TV-stories (shooting and editing) under the guidance of BBC trainer
  • Scholarship of InWEnt for management trainees for a three-month-stay at the German Chamber for Industry and Commerce in Shanghai
  • Scholarship of the International Media Assistance for a three-month-stay at “Radio Neumarkt” in Targu-Mures, Romania – daily radio work and basic research for master thesis about “Romanian Minority Policy at the example of German Minority Media”.

CV as Download:

More Information about the “Peter-Boenisch-Gedachtnispreis”:

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