Radio is my life. At least for me. I love radio. I love to take people on a travel to foreign spheres, to show them how other cultures and societies look like. Most often I produce longer features such as “Funkstreifzug” (B5 aktuell) with a length of twelve and a half minutes and a feature called “Nahaufnahme” (Bayern2) of about 27 and a half minutes. Great. Time for intensity and depth. Establishing dramaturgy. Taking the listener on a travel with surprising moments and interesting people.

What I really like is that you can podcast most of my features for free on . My favorite radio podcasts are (unfortunately all in German):

At the editorial department “Politics, Studios Berlin and Foreign Affairs” at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation I worked from 2009 until 2011. There I produced radio packages for our political programs such as “Funkstreifzug”, “Europa-Report”, “Breitengrad”, “Jazz & Politik”, “Dossier Politik” and our media show called “Medienmagazin”.

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