Online, that’s the future. This is a phrase which is quite old and which is nevertheless true today. At least partially. Only online big media companies can’t earn their money, as is generally known. And so-called “paid content” hasn’t worked since now. But it is a fact that today you can’t only be a radio journalist – you are at the same time an online journalist. The standard is always a twin-pack. For example, as a radio journalist, I have to provide quality photos with my radio interviews. Here you can find three of them:

The journalist who is able to do everything at once is out-of-date, by the way. For me as a young journalist the issue “crossmedia” is really fascinating because you can work in different ways – not at the same time, of course, but in general. So in 2010 I focused with my colleague Christian Pfaffinger on this issue organizing discussions for the Young Journalists of the Bavarian Journalist Union (for example with the crossmedia expert Christian Jakubetz).

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