Bavarian Journalist Union (BJV)

From 2009 till 2011 I have been active with the Young Journalists at the Bavarian Journalist Union (BJV). The umbrella organization is the German Journalist Union (DJV). This work is on voluntary basis and includes attending regular board meetings and organizing events (together with my colleague Christian Pfaffinger), in 2010 mainly about the topic “crossmedia” and in 2011 mainly about “social media”.

Here you can find a short overview about our activities since 2009:

  • December 2011: Discussion with chief editor of, Stefan Ploechinger, about lessons of recent media revolutions and this does mean for newcomer journalists
  • March 2011: Discussion with chief editor of, Dirk von Gehlen, and Munich professor Christoph Neuberger about “Social Media and Journalism”
  • December 2010: Visit of the “Studio Nuremberg” of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation and talk about “Crossmedia Strategies” with Norbert Küber (deputy chairman) and Stephan Kirchner (multimedia)
  • November 2010: Discussion with Matthias Eberl ( about “Audio Slide Show” at the Munich Press Club
  • November 2010: Presentation about “First steps in Journalism” at the main fair for A-level students called “EINSTIEG” in Munich
  • October 2010: Radio workshop about “Writing for Listening” and talking about “First steps in Journalism”
  • July 2010: Visit of “Welt der Wunder” (TV science show) and discussion with producer and presenter Hendrik Hey about “Future of TV internet”
  • July 2010: Piece to camera (PTC) at Kloster Banz, together with the Association of Newcomer Journalists in Bavaria (NJB)
  • May 2010: Panel discussion about “Quo vadis Online Journalismus?”, in cooperation with the Chair of Digital Media at the University of Augsburg, speaker: Ulrich Brenner (German Journalism School, DJS) and Bernd Oswald (crossmedia expert)
  • April 2010: Discussion about “Crossmedia” with expert Christian Jakubetz at the Munich Press Club
  • March 2010: Guided Tour through printing centre of the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” in Munich-Steinhausen and discussion with the chairwoman of “New Products” (“SZ Cinemathek”, “SZ Vinothek” etc.)
  • January 2010: Visit of the Youth Program of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation called “on3” and panel discussion with representatives of, and about “Strategies on Internet Platforms”
  • December 2009: Guided Tour through Bavarian State Parliament and Discussion with Nikolaus Neumaier (chairman of the editorial department covering Bavarian political issues at the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation)

Most of these events I presented and gained experience in presentation by this.
Besides, I have been responsible for a blog since January 2010 (, covering interesting issues for young journalists such as scholarships, prizes, jobs and news at the media scene.

Why I am doing this? Because it is important for me to offer young journalists opportunities for discussing, networking and learning something new – moreover, it is a good chance to share my experiences and to help newcomers… now also on my new website

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